Mini-Review: Summit Music Hall

I recently saw a local band, Lola Black for the first time. I really enjoyed the show. My friend and I showed up late so we only heard three of the bands, but I was really pleased. I will have to remember to bring earplugs next time, as it was super loud. Even though the volume was high, I could hear each instrument and singer clearly. The venue seems to hold a good amount of people.

Everyone was certainly getting his or her party on. There were at least two people who seemed to be on Molly or something, judging by their behavior. I could have lived without seeing the girl who just leaned over and threw up on the floor next to the bar. The women’s bathroom though, oh my good god that was nasty. Both of them. Clogged toilets, paper towels, and toilet paper everywhere. Vomit on some of the toilets and floor. I don’t know if it was just this night or if that’s a regular thing, but it was so gross.

I am a smoker and there is no separate patio. I feel sorry for anyone who had to wrestle his or her way through the crowd of smokers to get from the ticket window to the main entrance. I guess technically you can walk down the ramp and up the stairs, but what if you’re in a wheelchair? There were also no trashcans or an ashtray for cigarette butts so those were everywhere. Fortunately, the positives outweigh the negatives for me so I will not be opposed to attending another event there.


  • Clarity in sound (though very loud)
  • Strong drinks, reasonable prices
  • Friendly staff
  • Large Dance Floor
  • Tasty Pizza


  • Disgusting Bathroom
  • No way to avoid smokers



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