N44 – Borderline Bunnies

Facebook treasure
Facebook treasure

The Good:

Now, you don’t have to watch the whole video, but it is very funny. At the very least, watch the conversation at the beginning. It really does have some bearing on this post. I don’t know how I missed this one until recently but I’m glad I finally was able to see what my friends were referencing.

As I previously mentioned, rabbits have become a major theme in my life. According to the monster internet encyclopedia, (Rabbits) can symbolize fertility, playful sexuality, and luck. Of course, we all know how the poor little animals had been dissected to detect pregnancy. UGH.

Anyhow, my new thing is bunnies. I use the word “bunny” as a kind of girl code to reference a man or woman so attractive, that I react like Kelly in the video. So hot I can’t even think.

At one of my regular spots, there are definitely quite a few Bunnies. Especially BunBun as he is tall, dark and skinny… I love skinny men. Don’t know why but YUM. Alas! He is currently seeing someone. She is quite the bunny herself however, so hmmmm.

So, yes. The video is just really funny and relevant to my current weird situation. My luck hasn’t been great lately in the dating department, but there has been some juicy eye candy, so it’s not all bad.

  • I totally nailed “I Dreamed A Dream” one night at Karaoke. I gave myself chills!
  • I met the Chameleon and while things have slowed down, we’re still friendly.
  • I’ve been making friends and the drama seems to be much less than that last place.


The Bad: 

All my bunnies keep hooking up with other people. Sometimes I even am unlucky enough to see it happen. Also, while I definitely “got lucky” a few times this summer, I also had a pregnancy scare, damn rabbits.

The Ugly: 

I am still meeting shitty and two-faced people. Still not watching my alcohol intake very well, but I haven’t been quite as stupid lately. There is a little too much noticeable drug use and reference at this place and it’s very triggering but I’m still holding strong.




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