Mini-Review: Whispers

Old Webpage?

So I attended Whispers for the second time at a friend’s request. It’s not really my favorite place. Drinks are reasonable, in price and taste, but nothing to write home about. They seem to be going through some changes right now and that includes the menu. Besides being out of a lot of items due to the football game earlier that evening, the item I finally was able to order from the menu was not at all like described, though it was delicious. (I had the Caramel Apple Blossom Ala Mode. They seemed to have left off the drizzles of sauce.)

I met quite a few  friendly, drunk people. There were also quite a few creepy, touchy feeling people about, but those seemed to back off with little pushing. The Bartender/Waitress was super nice and sweet. The KJ was pretty awesome and good about keeping the rotation fair. There is something wrong with the sound. It’s very muffled sounding though it is loud. Not sure what that was. The lot that the building is in, is under construction and with the new windows that had apparently just been put in, it was very, very cold. The women’s bathroom was nice and clean. (And warm!) Place has a nice clean feel to it. No sticky tables or floor, so that’s quite impressive.


  • Friendly staff
  • clean bar and bathrooms
  • tasty food


  • Limited menu choices
  • During remodel, it’s very cold
  • Uncomfortably packed with people, lot of creepers
  • Karaoke sound system not great.


Not really a place I’d choose to go to, but if I’m there with friends, it’s OK.


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