G50 – Good-Bye 2013

Forget you!

Yep. That’s pretty much how I feel about 2013. A lot of my friends agree.

The Good: 

That’s the start of a really bad porn.”

So we ended up at our regular place for NYE. I had actually started drinking a little while I was getting ready so that I would be “prepared” to sing. For some reason, I cannot stand to sing while sober. It doesn’t sound good to me, though I have been assured that my voice is great. It was nice hanging out with my buddies. All of us girls were appropriately rowdy but not over the top.

The Bad:

One guy we knew was a total ass and between his behavior and my intervention with staff, he was tossed. That was the only one I knew of.

The Ugly:

No cab. And it had been ordered HOURS before. Thank God for good friends.



Just getting the party started
Just getting the party started
Bunnies in Tiaras
Bunnies in Tiaras


Me & the Girls
Me & the Girls


Two of my girls!Two of my girls!


Ooooh! Shiny!
Ooooh! Shiny!



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