Mini-Review: China Cafe

Located in Edgewater, CO.

Ok, so that’s not the most original of names. Stopping in on a break from running errands, it was quiet and peaceful inside. Located next to a sandwich shop and nail salon in a small strip mall, the location is perfect for that quick lunch.

The menu was rather busy and over complicated as they had every dish written out by size and side dishes. I think it would be better to write it once and then just be able to pick A la Carte, Combo or Dinner platter. The food was relatively tasty, but nothing special, and the portion sizes were nice. The prices were a bit high for what it was. (I paid $17 for a half order of my appetizer, bottle of tea, small cup of soup, and combination plate.) The waitress was very nice and attentive. The restaurant and bathroom was clean. I was unable to see into the kitchen.

Appetizer and Soup
Appetizer and Soup
Combo Plate
Combo Plate

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