I21- Let’s Go

Quote of the week: “I’m still mad at you for making me lose my cherry.”

 (So out of context!)

Trying something new tonight… writing while at the bar. We’ll see how this goes. I’m on my second drink now.

This place really doesn’t have much in the way of bunnies (lately) but that is quite okay. My friend told me I’d end up with a goat… I find that completely apt and funny… so…..

“Did you just call her ass The Vault??”

panties in the trash

Someone left her panties in the bathroom! Not the greatest pic as they were on the floor!

The Next Day

I definitely drank too much last night. There was more that happened but it was all a blur! A few of my bunnies did end up showing up, which was kind of funny to me later.


Random notes: Friday after New Year’s and bunnies galore but none for me? Managed to get pretty fucking drunk by 1130 pm…how did that happen?

Old girl just got bumped and went DOWN and the bar stool fell on her….



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