Mini-Review: The Village Pub

Located in Thornton, CO

For something different, my buddy and I decided to attend an 80s theme night at the Village Pub for karaoke. I even dressed up! It was a lot of fun. It was a Saturday night so I expected it to be pretty busy and boy was it. I think I remember 3 pool tables in the front part of the bar and there were high tables and booths in the back.

The KJ was super nice and very cheerful. There was pretty decent song selection and the sound system itself seemed nice. The women’s bathroom was tiny but stayed pretty clean the whole night and the back patio is HUGE. The drink prices were cool, not sure if that was because it was a party night or if they are always like that. We were there too late to order food, so I can’t review that part.

There were tickets given out for songs sung, for a tasty little fruity shot that is the bar’s own mix so that was neat. The crowd seemed a bit younger, maybe in the mid to late 20s age group, with a nice variety of younger and older mixed in. Slightly rougher looking crowd (my kind of people!)

I will definitely go back. I liked it.


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