B14, Card Pattern: Letter X

Confrontations and Realizations

Unicorn by Verreaux at DeviantArt
That is a good bingo, ladies and gentlemen. Are there anymore bingo’s? No? We now declare this session closed. Please pay the winner.

The Good:

Her, “Sorry, guess that was a mouthful.” Slight Pause. Me, “That’s what she said.”

Realization: Damn, I actually *like* him!

I always think I’m not an extrovert… and then I go and prove myself wrong.

Connecting with new people:

–The always smiling new addition to our little group. She’s got the prettiest eyes and such a sweet smile.

–A Karaoke DJ and bartender. She’s so friendly and charming and has a phenomenal singing voice.

–A lady with the most gorgeous coloring I’ve had the opportunity to see in a long time. She also exudes compassion and authority.

Connecting deeper with people I’ve met fairly recently:

–The pretty younger gal who gives great hugs

–The fun younger man who sings silly songs (and sings them well!) and is funny and witty.

Reconnecting with older buddies:

–Tiny little gal with crazy haircuts, big sexy (sex-etary) glasses & fun personality.

–Friend of a friend of a friend, is now kind of my friend. She’s upbeat and a good listener.

So for at least a solid week, but it seems closer to two, I’ve was seeing unicorns. All over the internet, mostly Facebook, but even some illustrations and graphics while out and about. It was very strange. So I’ve decided to combine that and my bunny thing into a freaking bunny-corn. He will even have a name.


New shots tried

  1. Lavender Showers. Rating: *–* (Yuck)
  2. Dr Pepper. Rating :-/ (Meh)
  3. Finger Me Good. Rating: 😀 (Yum)

Temptations mostly resisted.

The Bad:

Realization. Damn, I *actually* like him.

(What will that mean to/for me? Seems like I have some thinking and evaluating to do. Need to reorder some thoughts and ways of behaving.)

Getting a spring cold that starts off mostly fast moving (like 48 hours from onset of symptoms in head to no more nose issues) then losing my voice and having this phlegm monster settle in my chest and not move. Now it’s just lingering. (Like a typical *for me* secondary infection. Stupid Asthma) Singing while losing your voice is bad. I was only completely voiceless for about a day, but it’s taking a long time to recover. Probably because I keep agitating things by talking and heh, singing.

I also need to learn to keep things to myself. That’s so difficult for me. I say what I’m thinking, whether I should or not. No fucking filter, I swear.

Too many temptations lately.

The UGLY: 

Her trying to figure out how/why she pissed me off so much. Me (FAILING, apparently) to explain. Getting nothing from her but lies and denials. I know what I saw, I know what was said TO ME. Don’t lie to my face. Trying very hard not to hit a bitch up in the bar because I’m attempting to be LESS violent in my life. Plus, I don’t want an (another) assault charge.

(Getting to know a new person because they are understanding enough to let me vent, is a good thing.)
Theme Songs
  • Trailer Park Boys – Liquor & Whores
  • The Champs- Tequila
  • Nine Inch Nails – Closer




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