G48 – Sketchiness

Oompa… Lump-a?

otherwise I’m goin’ straight to HADES

The Good:

WTF moment: “you mooned the camera?”

Slow, comfortable nights, you get to sing a lot. That Bud Chelada stuff is pretty tasty, but not very intoxicating. Think I’ll go back to regular beer, when I drink it. RivergirlA has a new friend. Dayum! Boy is TASTY HOT. Hope things go well for them. Seems to be a good start, at least according to their body language.  Some passing eye candy was well appreciated too. I found a guy’s credit card on the floor and was able to locate him quickly and return it too him. Glad he got it back.

Songs I got to sing:

  • Tell Me Something Good – Rufus & Chaka Khan
  • Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield
  • Walking Away – Craig David
  • One of Us – Joan Osborne
  • Heaven – Los Lonely Boys

The Bad:

Hottie boy gives off the impression of being super gay. He is so *not gay* however, that he seems almost homophobic. Most of us know what that means. I accidentally swallowed a chip of ice when taking a sip of my beer. That was an extremely unpleasant sensation. Really people? Don’t compare past and present KJs. That’s just rude.

The Ugly:

1. I hope the lady that fell is ok. She said she hit her head. Concussions are strictly NO FUN.

2. Twitchy tweaker motherfuckers really need to leave me alone. Really? What song did I sing to make you A. Ask me if I had HIV and B. Think that I would tell you if I did anyway?


If I ask my friend to tell you nicely to go away and then have to say again, myself, that you need to go away, DO NOT go sit down across the bar from us and loudly talk shit. And most definitely DO NOT THREATEN ME when I call you on it.

*I will do my very best to hurt you. And you know what? People had MY BACK, not yours. Now whether or not I succeed in hurting you is a different matter, but know this, I’m not afraid to try. People also need to know that I AM DAMN STRAIGHT NOT AFRAID of ANY punk-ass douche-nozzle.

3. Don’t reprimand me. I’m not your child.

4. I don’t think people really realize that when I’m done with them it’s not the first time they’ve fucked up. Typically it’s the 2nd or 3rd or 4th or more chance they’d gotten. I guess it’s passive-aggressive not to verbally call people out on their shit but it really isn’t that hard to pick up on behavior and body language cues. (And a lot of times I DO speak up and it still doesn’t sink in.)

Yea I was probably out of line to text my real feelings while angry about something else and in that particular language but honey, you’ve got it all wrong. You were the one that was a rude fucking cunt, MORE THAN ONCE and I know you way fucking better then you think I do. And really if you’d ever shut your fucking mouth about all your so-called problems, maybe someone could get a word in edgewise. You tell private shit to complete strangers so don’t give me that line.

I feel so sorry for your kid. I’ve been in her shoes and look how fucked up I am.  You better be sure you aren’t anywhere near me, because next time I WILL call human services on your whiny, woe-is-me,  junkie ass. At least I’m honest about my fucked up life and attitude. You need to own your shit and that’s what pisses me off the most. And yea, actually I can talk to you any fucking way I want. Just as you do to everyone you interact with all the damn time. Fucking whore.

*For the record, I walked away. Best I could do. I’m not in jail for vandalism or assault nor in the hospital or dead so that works for me.

Theme Song: White Rabbit.

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you’re going to fall



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