Review: Frontier Inn

Lakewood, CO

I’ve been going here off and on for the past year or so, and it’s an interesting place. There seems to be, from my point of view, a staff turnover and changes made every year or so. They are in the third grouping since I’ve been singing here.  But yes, there is a big, bright, new sign that advertises different daily specials and the main drawing point. Karaoke, 7 days a week.

Singing starts between 8-830p most nights. Fridays, I vaguely remember someone mentioning that they start at 6pm. There are (at the the time of this post) two regular “KJs” and they both seem to run a decent and fair rotation. I’ve no complaints anyway, though I’ve heard some. The song selection is pretty darn big. If the song you want isn’t in the book, they have a couple of online services they can look at or even Youtube. The staff seems pretty friendly and accommodating. There are a LOT of regulars.

As to the bar itself, it’s not really much to look at.  I’d describe it as pretty typical dive spot. If you look around you will see lots of items that kind of speak to the history of the place. It’s apparently been there a looooooooooooong time.  Sports and hunting trophies adorn the walls along with some other rustic decorations and a big brass toucan.

It’s pretty big with a large parking lot and back patio. Inside there is a large oval bar that sits about 25 people and there is also a scattering of low and high tables around the room. The bathrooms are tiny and located just inside the entryway and the karaoke stage is opposite the door. To one side of the bar are two pool tables and a bit more seating. The patio has tables and chairs as well as 3 long picnic type tables and a tent/awning thing covers some of it. The bar is carpeted so it can smell kind of funky on occasion. The bathrooms sometimes send out their own funk as well.

There isn’t much in the way of food, but they do have some. Mainly, there are these little pizzas that come in two sizes and 3 flavors. (Cheese, Pepperoni and Deluxe) They are pretty tasty and the larger size can feed 2 people fairly well. There is also a chip and cigarette vending machine in the corner. If that doesn’t do it for you, I’ve seen people bring in food from the various places in the area. (Chinese, Little Caesar’s, etc)

There is a daily happy hour and then different specials on the weekends. There is also currently a Ladies’ Night special running on Wednesdays. Occasionally there are themed nights like Mardi Gras or Halloween. They are now doing an end of the month Birthday Celebration as well.  The bar will decorate and bring in some home cooked food. Kind of Pot Luck style. They also do sports nights like for the Rockies’  or the Broncos.

The demographic most nights is pretty limited though it’s a slightly more varied and bigger crowd on the weekends, which is pretty normal. The neighborhood is pretty foul. There was a shooting a block or so away not very long ago. (A young woman, of similar attributes to me, recently expressed to me her discomfort with the atmosphere, perceptions and such.)


  • Fairly Clean
  • Pizza
  • Drink Specials
  • Karaoke 7 days a week


  • Bad Neighborhood
  • Occasional Funky odor
  • Drug use/users
  • Tiny Bathrooms


It’s pretty cool. I like it, for the most part.  (and obviously the drug stuff isn’t allowed or condoned, but hey these people are working. They don’t catch every interaction)


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