Review: Cordial Bar & Restaurant

Located in Lakewood, CO



So. The Slayer, Ize, and I decided to check out somewhere different for Friday night. I wanted to make sure it had Karaoke. During separate searches The Slayer and I both came up with Cordial at the same time. It’s an easy drive or cheap cab so that was a bonus.

On arriving, it was a noticeably young(er) crowd than our regular place, but that may have been because it was a celebration for an employee’s last day. It was fairly diverse demographic other than the age thing. The place was loud and big and bright.

It’s a pretty big place with 3 rooms, including the bar area. In the south room, there are 2 pool tables and 3 dart boards with an entire display of dart asses FLETCHINGS? FLIGHTS? for sale and one of those large Jenga games. The women’s bathroom is located here. It stayed pretty darn clean for a Friday night. There is parking on three sides of the building. And… There’s a COIN DROP!!  Also a NASCAR themed Pinball machine.


There seemed to be some technical difficulties with a few of the songs, but the KJ handled it gracefully. There is no monitor to hear yourself, so that makes it a bit harder to sing if you are a serious singer.  The rotation was huge because of the crowd so we only got to sing one song apiece. (We were told that is quite unusual.) They don’t start until 10pm though, so that might also be an issue.

Towards the beginning of the night, some girl was super angry and it took SEVERAL people to strong arm her out of the bar. Oh honey, I know what that is like! There were a lot of the young wait-staff from Casa Bonita (across the street) having a drink or few after their shifts.  They were super mellow, actually.  We also got to meet a couple of the members of a band called Chain Distraction. They were cool.

I didn’t get to try any of the food, though the menu had items that sounded tasty and the prices were reasonable. The drinks were suitably strong (I had the Deep Eddy Ruby Red grapefruit vodka, yum) but not overly so. I had a nice buzz. I would like to go again.



More pictures: WTH2 DartFins' Mural2 Mural1

There used to be this show I watched called Gay, Straight or Taken. I never was very good at it.  On that note, here is the candy count:

4count Blue5count goat





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