O63 – Holy Monkey Balloons

Passive Prohibition

Sometimes even pop music can be profound.

The Good:

“Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.” – John Mellencamp

This weekend saw lots and lots and lots of candy. YUM. (I do wonder how much those body builders worked out the next day after tacos and cake.) The cozy bar is definitely bunnilicious! I’m getting closer, I think, to deciphering the unicorn. Now, though, there is a yard rabbit that is, I swear, stalking me. I wonder what that means?

(You know, it occurs to me, throughout all my years of “stalking”, that it might be impossible to tell someone is doing it, unless they purposely MAKE you notice, or do it in person, rather than internet.)

Anyway, Friday night was a decent but smaller crowd, as promised. We were able to sing three songs each. I don’t remember why, but that night, someone said or did something that make me accidentally swallow my gum. That was very surprising. The Slayer found someone’s phone in the bathroom. I found another phone later. Bet those girls were glad to get their phones back! Saturday on the borderline was busy due to a birthday, but very low singer rotation. We got to sing three each plus a group song! (TWO NOSE RINGS?? DIDN’T THAT HURT?? Looks kind of cool though!)


“It’s not sausage, it’s taco.”
“I choked on a nut, so I needed it.” Ize just about fell off the barstool laughing at this one
“That song is long; my butt is tired.” “Your *butt* is tired?!?”

Songs of the weekend:

  • Little Red Corvette – Prince
  • Cowboy Casanova – Carrie Underwood
  • Mercy – Duffy
  • 455 Rocket – Kathy Mattea
  • If Love is a Red Dress (Hang me in Rags)- Maria McKee

The Bad:

Some days it’s obvious I’m not firing on all cylinders. “I’ve been told I dress like a ‘Dyke’.” A moment later, “ooooh, Here are all my ties, but no belt.”
Then some days it’s obvious that neither is anyone else. “…clearly you’re black…” Dude was trying to compliment me, so I just had to find it funny.
More cast changes. Wasn’t expecting that one.
There are some benefits to smoking that I really, really miss. One is being able to have a really good excuse to leave the bar when someone mistakes screeching or shouting for singing. Another thing I miss is having a decreased sense of smell. I’ve always, even when I smoked, had a sensitive nose. That is NOT a good thing, especially the morning after drinking, when I wake up with a hangover induced migraine that takes several doses of medications to relieve. BLECH.
I’m old enough (just!) to remember smoking in restaurants. People having to choose smoking or non-smoking section. For some reason, I also remember that the non-smokers usually had to walk through the smoking section, which was messed up. Then that was gone. And then, when I was grown, no more bars, and then the casinos and then the actual cigarette stores. Really, gubermint? The prices keep going up and up and up, taxes yo. There are even cities where you can’t smoke outside. In the open air, where there are cars and other pollution, but you can’t smoke? Yea, that’s passive prohibition. Just make it so we can’t afford to smoke and there isn’t anywhere to do it.

The Ugly:

You know those videos that say “It gets better”? Yea, that’s a fucking lie. It doesn’t get better. Just different shit is terrible and for some of it you do eventually reach a point where you just CAN’T care anymore. You’ve lost the capacity.  I feel so fucking bad for Freckles. She is going through some major shit. She’s handling it well. I know if I had experienced some crazy ass trauma like that, I’d be falling apart. I hope that she is ok. I also hope that Little Bit is young enough that she won’t remember.

Theme Song: Sheep Go To Heaven – Cake

Sheep go to heaven
Goats go to hell

BlueLolli6count 4counttoomanygoat


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