O69 – Hair Of The Dog


Ladies and Gents, that is another good bingo. Please pay the winner a boat-load of Stress.

The Good:

“I have your shirt, it was in the bush.”

“I shot you down…”

Well, I can’t deny that I had a lot of fun this weekend.

We’ve decided that *Double* is pretty darn b-licious and so is a drink called a GOMBO . Theme nights and dressup with drink specials is always fun. Definitely looking forward to more.

Seeing familiar, friendly faces in different settings. (Colorado is so tiny!) She looks damn good for just having had surgery! A warm week and weekend, so fairly busy nights. One guy sings I’m Just A Girl – No Doubt, and damn it was fantastic. Bunipop sings some good NIN. Arrrrgh, why do you have to be taken? That was just tasty. People in costumes from the con too? Super OUT OF SIGHT!

I got a shot for doing well on a Deftones song… Go figure.

Friends of Friends of Friends = (temp) job for me, YAHOO!

Oh really, you call him Frankenstein. (OOC: “He’s just so BIG“)


  • OOC + C&R: “I couldn’t swallow!” “Did I get you all choked up?” “Are you a spitter??”
  • TWSS: *The Slayer* holding her hands in the air, fingers pointed up, hands about 10″ apart.
  • C&R: “I tried guys, I really did.” “Yeah, you tried our patience!”
  • OOC: “Oh my gosh, I totally forgot… I got her cherry!”
  • OOC & TWSS: “I’ve choked on it before.”
  • TWSS: (referring to a short song!) “Is it over?”

Random observations:

  1. That was like a dance off, except it was singing.
  2. Gingers are evil.
  3. *Cougar Alert* I think her boyfriend is younger than her daughter’s boyfriend.

Songs of the weekend:

  • Head Like A Hole – Nine Inch Nails
  • Sober – Tool
  • If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
  • Unwell – Matchbox 20
  • Three Little Pigs – Green Jelly

The Bad:

You’ve got an ugly ass purse if you’ve left it on the bar between two men and another woman mistakes it for a man purse.

Did you know “Hair of the Dog” really works? I didn’t. I’d never tried it before, but it actually worked.

We were all kind of nasty about that song situation. Waiting for the buzzer and cane. Even *Freckles* was a little two-faced!

And why the heck did the bunny in glasses run off right after my *wingman* talked to him? Talk about bad timing. At least I hope it was that, bleh.

You know, CO is a pretty hardcore sports fan town and that is fine, until you are sitting next to a very drunk, loud fan, the only one in the bar, and he’s shouting and CLAPPING very loudly. He was actually a POP for a hot minute but was demoted in about that amount of time. *shudder*

I am NEVER wearing that pair of heels to the bar again. I don’t care HOW cute they look. That was just terrible. I was so “That Girl” on that night. Just obnoxious and loud and totally a pervert. (I was actually taking pictures of the asses of girls wearing leggings instead of pants.)

I would also just LOVE to know how/why I offended two totally different type men in one sentence. I didn’t even meant it that way!! I guess I just don’t pick up on flirting the right way. (For those who wonder, the sentence was: “Where’d your friend go.”)

Why are they the only ones with the money and assertiveness to buy a woman a drink? Also, Black Magic Rum is terrible, TERRIBAD and worse than Kraken.

The Ugly:

And I can’t deny that there was some ugly shit that went down. Wow, if that girl’s shorts had been any tighter or any shorter, we’d have had to send her off for amputation. That was so gross and unflattering. Sometimes I think I need to put on a blindfold before I leave the house, fashion is so fucking bad.

Breaking promises, giving in to temptation, trying to give up, not looking out, losing control, giving into pain, having to be picked up from rock bottom, yet again. It never seems to stop.

I haven’t seen *Fumble-Butt* in nearly a month. You know, that’s probably OK.

Theme Song: Change (In the House of Flies) – Deftones

BlueLolli2x 13 PinkLolli2x 2 bun1x4 goat


  • OOC = Out of Context
  • C&R = Call & Response
  • TWSS = That’s What She Said
  • POP = Male/masculine eye candy
  • LOLLI = Fem eye candy

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