Mini-Review: First Impressions

3 First Impressions

Rock Bottom Brewery

Drinks: I tried two different beers. The I.P.A. and the Belgian White something or other. I liked them both. There apparently IS flavor in beers. They were quite strong.

Food: My bud and I split the pretzel with cheese dip appetizer. THAT DIP WAS DELICIOUS 

Bathrooms: Clean. Big.

Atmosphere: Yuppy central. The back bar was better, quiet and dim.

Prices: Meh

Would I go again? Maybe. For the dip, certainly.

Overall: Corporate but OK.



Had a Car Bomb and a Harp.

Clean but small bathroom. Hate that lip where the floor doesn’t meet quite flush.

Thursday night, early, so not busy.

Tiny patio. Friendly staff.

Would I go again? Yeah, sure.



 Monday night open stage. They’ve got some good crooners.

$1 PBR or $5 PBR and shot specials. I did the Cuervo shot… Got pretty drunk.

Tiny bathroom, but nice and clean.

I didn’t try the Red Baron pizza though I saw someone eat one with a plastic knife and fork. (Really, dude?)

Some bland lollipops. I didn’t check out the back room.

Would I go again? Maybe


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