Mini Review: LIT Run

Coyote Ugly Universal Pavilions, Downtown Denver (Coyote’s Facebook)

I guess it’s part of the “atmosphere” to be grungy and loud? Not really my kind of place, though I’ve been twice. The girls (bartenders) are cute and energetic as is their role I guess. I had the $5 dollar Long Island Iced Tea. (After 8pm Friday & Saturday night special) It was tiny and weak, but tasty. I guess the bucket of beer specials are probably a better deal, but I’m not a beer drinker. I probably will be back but only because it’s somewhere to go and like I said, the girls are cute. Bathrooms have been reasonably clean both times I’ve been in.

Marlowe’s 16th Street Mall, Downtown Denver. (Marlowe’s Facebook)
Classier looking place. Pretty empty early on a Saturday night. Had a Long Island Iced Tea. It was tasty and stiff. Just like I remember from over a decade ago. Probably will be back but during happy hour so I can get a break on the price. Didn’t check the bathrooms.

Paramount Café, 16th Street Mall, Downtown Denver. (Paramount Facebook)
I like the late night happy hour. I had (you guessed it) two Long Island iced teas for the buy one get one special. They were pretty good, not too horribly strong, but I couldn’t beat the price. I also had the Carolina BBQ Sliders and Fried Mushrooms. Both were quite delicious with a nice little spicy kick. Clean and reasonably sized bathroom, a plus in my book.


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