Cervantes and the Summer Camp


Atmosphere/Environment: Meh. Typical scarred and dirty wooden looking floor, bare minimum seating on the sides of the venue. Loud sound system, but clear sounding even with the different genres and instruments played.

Bathrooms: Stayed surprisingly clean-ish…

Bar/Bartenders: Didn’t interact much. They seemed friendly I guess.
Drinks: Kind of expensive. $4 for a Bud Light? Really?

Patrons: The crowd wasn’t very big on the side of the building I was in. There was some kind of weekly bluegrass thing on the other side but I didn’t check it out. Lots of dreadlocked people (mostly Caucasian), lots of big bushy beards, thick rimmed glasses, corduroy, plaid, infinity scarves, leather jackets, knee high boots on the girls. Lots of leggings as pants, of course. [BIGSIGH] Is it really that hard to find a shirt long enough to cover your bum??

I don’t even know what to call this kind of crowd… Most people seemed to be in their early to mid-20s or so. And what the hell is that dance the little white girls seem to be doing everywhere lately. I’ve seen it at a few difference bars and venues lately? It looks like some kind of hillbilly square dance stomping around… it’s not cute. The one girl that really caught my eye doing this dancing thing was wearing some kind of fringed boots pants outfit and she kind of reminded me of a faun or something. Not a very diverse crowd at first but that changed as the evening went on as well.

Towards the earlier part of the night, people seemed really angry. Lots of shouting, bitching and whining, and bitchface. One guy totally shoulder checked me really hard because, I assume I was in his way. On the big sidewalk out front. Hmmm. Later in the evening, there were a lot of very obviously stoned and/or tripping people. I’m thinking shrooms. At least the overall crowd mood seemed improved. Well except for the really trashed girl that heard me comment on her drunken state and seemed to think I was talking shit and wanted to kick my ass. Heh. I didn’t even figure out I was the one she was screeching about until after I was back inside after a cigarette break.

Wow that shirt. Haven’t seen a shirt like that since the mid-90s. It was very shiny and big.

The Summer Camp: On The Road Tour (tryouts? Auditions? We were supposed to vote or something)

Bands that played:

Hog Magundy  (The Winner)
I didn’t hear much of the first band, as we got in a bit after they started. Kind of cool, bluegrassy/jazzy a little rock… I like banjos, I think. They also had a violin and the regular stuff. Not really my kind of thing.

Pretty cool sound. My friend liked it a lot. He’s pretty 420 friendly, so I can see how this would be. Kind of reggae- lite. Ok to jam to if on an edible.

Vid Clip

I don’t even know how to describe this band, but I freakin’ dig ‘em. I really liked that baritone sax, and I wasn’t surprised when girlie pulled out the soprano. No live vocals. Kind of an electronica/modern/jazzy with some rap or something in there. I swear this is what happens when band nerds grow up.

Vid Clip

JJ Evanoff Experience
First thought: OMG they are 12!! Anyway, my buddy’s lil bro is in this band. The sound reminds me of softer techno, trip hop kind of vibe. They have a variety of genre sounds going on, but it mixes well. Nothing too hard-core. I can definitely see myself sitting back with some of my 420 pals just chilling out and relaxing.

Vid Clip

Vine Street Vibes (Feat. Melissa Joy on the violin)
Interesting. Started off kind of mellow, trip hop again. Tenor sax, conga drums, guitar, and keyboard. Weirdly electronica sounding for so many live instruments, but I dig it.

Vid Clip

The last two bands got to have the drunker part of the crowd, so there was less people but much more interaction (dancing, cheering)



Next on Bar Bingo: Las Vegas

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