First Impression Review: Greenfield’s

Greenfield’s Pool & Sports Bar

Location: Lakewood, CO. Kind of tucked away from the main street, next to a gun store.

Atmosphere: Big and clean.

Bathrooms: Quite clean. Wonder what it’s like on a weekend/busy night.

Staff: Friendly enough. A few seemed a bit unenthused, but then again it’s the middle of the week.

Patrons: Older crowd for the pool tournament. Younger crowd for the free pool/billiards. Mostly white males, early to mid-twenties.

Drinks: Didn’t try, but seemed reasonably priced.

Food: The menu looks good. I’ll have to go back sometime and make a point to try some things.

It was fairly busy when my friends and I arrived, but not so busy that we weren’t able to find an empty pool table. This is definitely not what I consider a “dive bar”, it has a more er, corporate or franchise feel to it. Lots of space. Matching tables and booths or chairs/barstools. Large heated patio (which is ESPECIALLY NICE, since it’s been so cold and rainy this spring.) I was DD so I didn’t try any of the mixed drinks or shots. There weren’t too many obnoxious drunks but a few, and that only towards closing. I’m hoping to come in on a Sunday soon to try out “Cashbox Karaoke.” I don’t know what it means, but it sounds interesting.

Would I go again? Yeah, looking forward to it and I’d like to get a second impression.

Bathroom pic



2 thoughts on “First Impression Review: Greenfield’s”

  1. Cashbox Karaoke: They draw the names of five of the singers to come on stage. Each singer draws a key out of a bucket. If the key opens the lock on the cashbox, the winner gets all the money in the box. They add $20 per week that it’s not won. PS: If you remember Emily the waitress from Felt, she’s at Greenfields now.


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