Larimer Lounge Review

Larimer Lounge

Location: Just north of Downtown Denver on Larimer Street

Atmosphere: It was smaller than I expected. Not sure why I thought it would be bigger. Typical scarred floors and loud speakers. I’m not sure what I think about all the graffiti and stickers everywhere. The courtyard in the back was about the same size as the stage and dance floor area. I thought that was odd, but ok. Couple of trip hazards, like dark mini-steps and uneven floors. Cables running across the floors. It was clean enough, though. No stickiness under my shoes.

Bathrooms: Seriously? The bathrooms are up a STEEP flight of stairs. I made sure NOT to drink much liquid as I didn’t want to  1. Have to run up and down those bitches all night and 2. Get drunk and fall down that fucking staircase. (The bathroom stayed pretty clean though, so that was a plus.)

Staff: They all seemed pleasant and friendly enough.

Patrons: This was a 16 and over event so the crowd leaned young. Lot’s of black X’s on the hands and even the 21+ banded seemed pretty young, early 20s. Typical hipster look.

Drinks: Competitively priced, I guess. The mixed drink glasses were small, but decent strength.

Would I go again? Meh. I was a bit underwhelmed by the total experience, though it was nice to hear the band I came to see again. I might. Depends on who is playing. (I do have the added motivation of a juicy little piece of eye candy who is a friend of one of the staff members, teehee!)

Show: JJ Evanoff Experience

It was a slow start. My party arrived at the venue about 9:30pm. The crowd started to pick up about an hour later, but it was waves for sure. Everyone seemed genuinely pleased to be there and see the show though, so that was nice.

This was my second time seeing these boys and I am more impressed even than the first time. I think they might have the Success Trifecta: Talent, Ambition and Youth/Energy. I hope to see them again. I think that they definitely have a lot of potential. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them perform somewhere big like Red Rocks. I think that in that venue their performance would really be a blast.




Staircase of DOOOOOOOM!
Staircase of DOOOOOOOM!
The Seven Dollar Candy Bar
The Seven Dollar Candy Bar

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