Book Review: The Prince Lestat

Today’s young adults had (shudder) the Twilight Saga for their vampire needs. When I was in high school and college I read the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. (Memnoch the Devil was released in my junior year of HS.) I lost interest in them after a full read through (after Pandora), so I had no idea the author was still writing. I was browsing the e-book section of my local library and ended up borrowing the ENTIRE series out of boredom. This is a review of The Prince Lestat.

With the exception of Cry to Heaven (not a vampire book), I pretty much can’t stand the way Anne Rice ends her stories. (And yes, I read the *ahem*¬†BDSM stories too and didn’t like the way they ended.) This one was no exception. The whole book was written in her ramblimg, poetical, diary-like style which kind of summarized everything and took far too long for not much to happen. It was nice to meet up with some of the more famous characters again, but I think I would have liked more of an actual story. I guess I’ve grown away from these books. The ending was trite and predictable if you’ve read ANY of the other novels in the series and OF COURSE Lestat did what he did.


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