First Impression Review: Maloney’s

Boredom and Google searching netted me a new karaoke place to try out.

Maloney’s Tavern

It’s really fancy inside. That was my very first impression. The karaoke night, Wednesday is with DJ Bella Scratch, She’s really chill and beautiful. She has an awesome voice too. She has SOOOOOOOOO MANY SONGS!! Anyway. It was slow night. No idea if it’s normally like that. The bartender Lindsay was really sweet. The drinks were great and good prices/specials. The clientele was er, mixed. The few people I tried to chat with on the younger side were super bitchy. The older customers were nice though. (also, for some reason, I felt like I looked good. No I will not post a pic. I don’t have one.)  I would definitely like to check this place out again on other nights and I know for sure I’ll be taking a trip back for karaoke!


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