The bar is

(Hopefully temporarily)




I just don’t have the money or energy to go to different bars/restaurants every week. At least not right now. I’ve got to start saving up for moving and hopefully get a car. But once everything is settled? Well, we’ll see.


First Impression Review: Longshot Lounge

Longshot Restaurant & Lounge

Saturday night. I have no idea why people have warned me away from this place. But this is a first impression so we’ll see.

First off A+++++ for the bathroom. It was so spotless. All night too. The other bathroom was ok. No paper towels, LOL, but clean.

The place was clean. It’s big in there. I met up with a friend and waited for karaoke. The sound was good for the Karaoke and the KJ was really nice. Pretty good song selection.

I also watched the poker game a little and part of a dart competition. Everyone was super friendly and looked like they were having a great time. I had a great time. Ran into a friend from another bar I hadn’t seen in a long time, so that was cool too. Resisted temptation and only bought a single $1.00 scratch ticket from the lotto machine!!

The drink specials were awesome and Holly and Casey, the bartenders were really sweet and nice. I looked over the menu and talked to some of the regulars and they suggested to try nearly everything on it. I didn’t get a chance this time, but it all looked really tasty and the prices were good.

It’s not exactly in what I consider a public transit friendly spot, but it wasn’t too horribly difficult to get to. If you want to stay til close however, you’re gonna want a car or cab fare.

For some reason it was a slow night at the bar, but that I don’t mind when it’s my first time at a place.

I know I’ve not been doing my normal format for these. If I continue to find new places to try, I’ll go back to a more uniform look.

Anyway, I’ll definitely check this place out again. I’m looking forward to it.

First Impression Review: Maloney’s

Boredom and Google searching netted me a new karaoke place to try out.

Maloney’s Tavern

It’s really fancy inside. That was my very first impression. The karaoke night, Wednesday is with DJ Bella Scratch, She’s really chill and beautiful. She has an awesome voice too. She has SOOOOOOOOO MANY SONGS!! Anyway. It was slow night. No idea if it’s normally like that. The bartender Lindsay was really sweet. The drinks were great and good prices/specials. The clientele was er, mixed. The few people I tried to chat with on the younger side were super bitchy. The older customers were nice though. (also, for some reason, I felt like I looked good. No I will not post a pic. I don’t have one.)  I would definitely like to check this place out again on other nights and I know for sure I’ll be taking a trip back for karaoke!

First Impressions and Halloween 2015

NATIV Downtown Denver

I was bored on a Sunday night a few weeks back and stopped in at this place. The door guy was really awesome and explained the nightclub and hotel to me and took me on a mini-tour of the nightclub. (He was also quite handsome, but ahem.) I doubt this is my kind of place. Girls with bodycon dresses and stiletto heels, boys in half casual, half dressy attire with super styled hair. Drinks were also a little pricey for me. The waitresses (all female) and bartenders definitely ran to eye-candy. The DJ was pretty cool. She was the regular house DJ for Saturday nights but had to pull an extra shift due to some event not working out. The bathroom was tidy, also… you know me!!

Halloween 2015

I’m not sure what I was trying to do, but I had an OK time. No plans, so no expectations. I ended up at a place called Lodo’s with my neighbor’s little brother. Ok then.


Anyway, we got there well before cover charge ($15/$20, really??) so we didn’t have to deal with that. The waitstaff was all eye-candy, but very friendly and nice. Unfortunately my claustrophobia and social anxiety kicked in with all the people that showed up to see JoJo .(who I didn’t even realize was going to perform, *sigh*) The whole second story dance floor was swaying and moving under the press of all the people. My nerves were shot. It’s not really my kind of place anyway. The bathroom was spectacular, probably because they had a bathroom attendant. The drinks were reasonably strong and reasonably priced. During the DJ section of the night, I felt really old. People were singing and dancing along to songs I didn’t know. It was a fairly young crowd. I did get a giggle out of the mashup of Nine Inch Nails: Closer and 50 Cent’s In Da Club.

After I managed to escape from Lodo’s I ended up at

Sports Column

It was surprisingly NOT packed. I had a really cheap, strong drink. Just on that basis, I might be back, even though it’s a sports bar. Goodness.

There were some pretty cool costumes during the night. I also ended up chatting with a guy whose name I vaguely recall was David? outside of the Summit Music Hall for the GWAR concert. (Yeah… I think I’ve reviewed that place, ick.) Anyway, we were talking about the Denver Goth Scene and his really cool red and black leather kilt. I hope I run into that dude again, he was really neat.

I ended the night getting a slice of BAKED POTATO PIZZA from Slice Works Lodo.

It was so good (and maybe I was kind of drunk) but it was so good I’ve been dreaming about it. Good GAWDZ. I will definitely be back to that place!

4th of July bar review.

Paramount Café 4th of July, 2015

This was the first time in over a decade that I did not leave a tip.

The place was (surprisingly to me) uncrowded. Late night happy hour, 2 for 1 Long Islands. Cool, I thought…


I won’t be back.

I like to drink. That’s no secret. I rarely, if ever not finish a drink and definitely don’t turn away free ones. I had a third of my drink tonight. The bar area was mostly some old drunk men. The bartender didn’t take too long to get to me, but after he served my drink, he ignored me the rest of the time I was there.

The sweet potato fries I ordered came out suspiciously quick and I said so. He was like, “they’re fresh!”  Yeah, so fresh, they were greasy and under-cooked. And he didn’t even bother to give me a napkin and I had to flag him down for the ketchup. (The side of the bar he was working was maybe 20 feet long, really??)  Not once was I asked how my drink was, how my food was – and the fucking fries were sitting there in front of me barely touched and I had pushed them away.

Whatever.  My bill (once I could flag down a different staff member to get it for me) came to $11.88. I left a 10 and two ones on the bar and walked out.