First Impression Review: Longshot Lounge

Longshot Restaurant & Lounge

Saturday night. I have no idea why people have warned me away from this place. But this is a first impression so we’ll see.

First off A+++++ for the bathroom. It was so spotless. All night too. The other bathroom was ok. No paper towels, LOL, but clean.

The place was clean. It’s big in there. I met up with a friend and waited for karaoke. The sound was good for the Karaoke and the KJ was really nice. Pretty good song selection.

I also watched the poker game a little and part of a dart competition. Everyone was super friendly and looked like they were having a great time. I had a great time. Ran into a friend from another bar I hadn’t seen in a long time, so that was cool too. Resisted temptation and only bought a single $1.00 scratch ticket from the lotto machine!!

The drink specials were awesome and Holly and Casey, the bartenders were really sweet and nice. I looked over the menu and talked to some of the regulars and they suggested to try nearly everything on it. I didn’t get a chance this time, but it all looked really tasty and the prices were good.

It’s not exactly in what I consider a public transit friendly spot, but it wasn’t too horribly difficult to get to. If you want to stay til close however, you’re gonna want a car or cab fare.

For some reason it was a slow night at the bar, but that I don’t mind when it’s my first time at a place.

I know I’ve not been doing my normal format for these. If I continue to find new places to try, I’ll go back to a more uniform look.

Anyway, I’ll definitely check this place out again. I’m looking forward to it.


First Impression Review: Hacienda Colorado & Chad’s Grill

Hacienda Colorado

Location: Denver, CO

Atmosphere: Calm and corporate

Other patrons: Saturday night, so a few were kind of louder/more energetic. Probably had a few drinks before dinner.

Staff: Friendly and helpful.

Drinks: Competitive for the area in pricing according to the menu

Food: Very tasty, a bit on the salty side.

Bathrooms: Didn’t see on this occasion, but if they were anything like the rest of the restaurant, they would have been spotless.

Would I go again? Yes. Looking forward to it.

Saturday night, my companion and I decided on Hacienda for a late dinner. It was a nice experience. We sat on the patio, which, while nice on a warm summer night, it was a little loud since our seats were near the entry door. Some people had definitely started their Saturday night out early.

Our server, Zach was very attentive, but not overly so and very helpful. He even went to the kitchen to find out what ingredients were in my black beans. There was a flavor that I wasn’t expecting and couldn’t identify. (I was told it was coriander, but that’s not the flavor. It was more like red wine.) I had the tamale plate combo with the chicken tamale paired with the spicy green chili sauce, and the Angus beef enchilada paired with the spicy queso sauce. It was delicious and very filling. The beans were good, though odd, but a little too salty for me. (I’ve cut back my salt over the years for health and comfort, so I am a bit more sensitive to the taste of it.)

I split a brownie dessert with my companion at the end of the meal. It was tiny but perfect for just a little sweet at the end of a large meal. It was a little more pudding texture than brownie texture, if you know what I mean. I would have preferred it to be a bit more chewy and dense, but the taste was rich and heavenly. I had a New Belgium 1554 beer with my meal. I enjoyed that as well. It was dark and a little sweet with a mild stout flavor.

Hacienda’s Facebook

Chad’s Grill

Location: Lakewood, CO

Atmosphere: Weird. Like a corporate big name restaurant and sports bar combo

Other patrons: Nice quiet brunch crowd.

Staff: Friendly and competent.

Drinks: Didn’t try any alcohol, but the menu prices were reasonable-to- good.

Food: WOW

Bathrooms: Eh, maybe it was because of the brunch rush, but it could have used some attendance.

Would I go again? Maybe. I would like to try a couple things.

So I had never heard of this place before my companion and I decided to stop for an early lunch before she had to head back home. Besides the sports bar vibe (which I see now, after looking at the webpage,) the food was a complete blend of different cultures/tastes. I had a very difficult time deciding what to order. I ended up ordering the Black N Bleu burger with fries and split an order of the Jalapeno Deviled Eggs with my friend. She ordered the Garden Melt. Both sandwiches were fantastic. I found my fries too salty (as usual) but still quite good.

Our server, Jessica,  was very nice and attentive, but I would have appreciated more information on the brunch specials. (It turns out there is a free fruit and pastry bar with the order of any entrée.) I did find out about the fruit and the melon and pineapple were juicy and fresh. I’d like to go again sometime and try out the Bloody Mary bar or the bottomless Mimosa specials.

Chad’s Grill Facebook

4th of July bar review.

Paramount Café 4th of July, 2015

This was the first time in over a decade that I did not leave a tip.

The place was (surprisingly to me) uncrowded. Late night happy hour, 2 for 1 Long Islands. Cool, I thought…


I won’t be back.

I like to drink. That’s no secret. I rarely, if ever not finish a drink and definitely don’t turn away free ones. I had a third of my drink tonight. The bar area was mostly some old drunk men. The bartender didn’t take too long to get to me, but after he served my drink, he ignored me the rest of the time I was there.

The sweet potato fries I ordered came out suspiciously quick and I said so. He was like, “they’re fresh!”  Yeah, so fresh, they were greasy and under-cooked. And he didn’t even bother to give me a napkin and I had to flag him down for the ketchup. (The side of the bar he was working was maybe 20 feet long, really??)  Not once was I asked how my drink was, how my food was – and the fucking fries were sitting there in front of me barely touched and I had pushed them away.

Whatever.  My bill (once I could flag down a different staff member to get it for me) came to $11.88. I left a 10 and two ones on the bar and walked out.

Mini Review: Jack

Jack in the Box, Arvada, CO

It’s kind of neat to have a fast food place with a dining room that is open 24 hours. My friends and I have been to this location a couple of times in the middle of the night after going to the bar. Tonight, I had a garlic butter Swiss and bacon burger. It was pretty good. Large size sandwich too, so I’m pretty stuffed. I had the regular fries. They were meh. The curly fry I stole off my friends tray was much better. (I have a thing about French fries.) Lots of drink choices which is nice. Restaurant was clean and well maintained. Bathrooms were nice and clean. Staff was friendly.

I’ll probably go back to this location or try others with no problem.

Mini Review: Amore Pizza

Amore Pizza

Amore’s Facebook & website

Denver Colorado

Very clean and cute little spot they’ve got for their new location. Located right off of 6th and Santa Fe, it’s easy to get to. The staff I met was upbeat and friendly. I had the lunch special (One topping slice of pizza and a soda $3) The pizza was good. A bit too salty for me though. Nice crust, good char on it. Can’t beat the price though.