Mini-Review: Summit Music Hall

I recently saw a local band, Lola Black for the first time. I really enjoyed the show. My friend and I showed up late so we only heard three of the bands, but I was really pleased. I will have to remember to bring earplugs next time, as it was super loud. Even though the volume was high, I could hear each instrument and singer clearly. The venue seems to hold a good amount of people.

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B3 – That’s what she said

Bar Bingo

You see it all sometimes and then there are things that surprise you.

The Good:

 “I’ve only licked two buttholes.”

As my friends and I laugh at this rather unexpected statement from another table on the patio, I take a drag from my cigarette. There is suddenly a bizarre, chemical flavor in my mouth. This seems doubly weird to be as this is a hand rolled cigarette, so it shouldn’t have as much in the way of chemical additives. One of the people at my table takes in my facial expression and the smacking of my lips and mouth and asks me what is wrong.

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I decided I wanted to try having a public blog based on my experiences and observations at some local bars and events I have attended.  I plan to include stories, mini-reviews, snark and praise. This blog is not intended for readers under the age of 18, nor do I condone any illegal or questionable behavior I see and write about. Names and locations maybe altered due to privacy concerns.