First Impressions and Halloween 2015

NATIV Downtown Denver

I was bored on a Sunday night a few weeks back and stopped in at this place. The door guy was really awesome and explained the nightclub and hotel to me and took me on a mini-tour of the nightclub. (He was also quite handsome, but ahem.) I doubt this is my kind of place. Girls with bodycon dresses and stiletto heels, boys in half casual, half dressy attire with super styled hair. Drinks were also a little pricey for me. The waitresses (all female) and bartenders definitely ran to eye-candy. The DJ was pretty cool. She was the regular house DJ for Saturday nights but had to pull an extra shift due to some event not working out. The bathroom was tidy, also… you know me!!

Halloween 2015

I’m not sure what I was trying to do, but I had an OK time. No plans, so no expectations. I ended up at a place called Lodo’s with my neighbor’s little brother. Ok then.


Anyway, we got there well before cover charge ($15/$20, really??) so we didn’t have to deal with that. The waitstaff was all eye-candy, but very friendly and nice. Unfortunately my claustrophobia and social anxiety kicked in with all the people that showed up to see JoJo .(who I didn’t even realize was going to perform, *sigh*) The whole second story dance floor was swaying and moving under the press of all the people. My nerves were shot. It’s not really my kind of place anyway. The bathroom was spectacular, probably because they had a bathroom attendant. The drinks were reasonably strong and reasonably priced. During the DJ section of the night, I felt really old. People were singing and dancing along to songs I didn’t know. It was a fairly young crowd. I did get a giggle out of the mashup of Nine Inch Nails: Closer and 50 Cent’s In Da Club.

After I managed to escape from Lodo’s I ended up at

Sports Column

It was surprisingly NOT packed. I had a really cheap, strong drink. Just on that basis, I might be back, even though it’s a sports bar. Goodness.

There were some pretty cool costumes during the night. I also ended up chatting with a guy whose name I vaguely recall was David? outside of the Summit Music Hall for the GWAR concert. (Yeah… I think I’ve reviewed that place, ick.) Anyway, we were talking about the Denver Goth Scene and his really cool red and black leather kilt. I hope I run into that dude again, he was really neat.

I ended the night getting a slice of BAKED POTATO PIZZA from Slice Works Lodo.

It was so good (and maybe I was kind of drunk) but it was so good I’ve been dreaming about it. Good GAWDZ. I will definitely be back to that place!


First Impression Review: Cuckoo’s Nest

Where’s the door?

Do you remember that girl? You know the one, small town prom queen or beauty pageant winner, the one who was sure she was meant for bigger and better things. She was going to GET OUT of that small town and be Somebody, but somehow it just didn’t work out.  It turned out OK though. She got married to a very nice man, got a good job at the library or local grocery store and had a couple of kids. She’s comfortable and actually happy and really can’t imagine having other life. She looks a little run down, but you can see she hasn’t lost heart, no not at all.

Cuckoo’s Nest

Location: Lakewood, CO.  Way, way back in the corner of a strip mall.

Atmosphere: Moist. The table was sticky and there were random puddles (beer? water?) around and on the tables of the enclosed smoking patio. It was mostly clean and tidy though.  Typical dim lighting of a Dive bar, though the setup was more like a bigger type of bar. Main bar area was not too big, lined with bar-stools. Maybe seating there for about 15? Then there was the table area which was comfortable enough. Worn down but OK to sit. One long booth with separate tables and facing chairs and some freestanding chair/table combos. No dance floor or stage to speak of really. Karaoke was kind of just in the corner by the kitchen. Good sound though. It’s nice having a monitor when singing.

Bathrooms: The women’s bathroom only had the one toilet, but it was stalled off and a good size. And that way someone can be washing their hands or fixing clothing or makeup (nice big mirrors) while someone else is using the facility.

Staff: Very cheerful and friendly.


Drinks: Competitively priced to the other bars in this area I’ve been to. My beer was GINORMOUS for $5.25. I don’t know about mixed drinks or shots.

Food: Didn’t try anything. That lady’s nachos looked damn delicious though!

Would I Go Again? Yes.

My buddy convinced me to try this place out on a Saturday night for Karaoke. I liked the song selection (Master Blaster) and the way everything sounded. The KJ was very nice, a quiet sort of guy. I really enjoyed the songs he played between singers.  The patrons were mostly about 10-20 years older than me and you could definitely tell most were regulars. It wasn’t very busy this time. I don’t know how the crowd usually is, but from what I can tell, this was an unusually slow night. (It was similarly slow at another place we visited the same night.) On the other side of the bar was a room with a pool table and a bunch of pinball machines. I might have to go in some night loaded with quarters!! I enjoyed myself. Tried a new song. It was good.